You have how many indexes?


As of 2015-02-25 at 10:47 AM Pacific, I have over 371 thousand indexes on 162,525 tables. Yes, there is fragmentation. Yes, I’m trying to fix it. Oh God yes, this is for a 3rd party application where I have no control over the database design or what the developers have inflicted on me.


I’m not dealing with Big Data, in capitals, but am dealing with Big Number of Objects. The database is a bit over 100 GB and is running on on SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard. Some of the things I’ve grown used to, like viewing tables in Object Explorer, don’t really work so well. Same with popular indexing methods. I’ve tested Ola’s amazing scripts in dev and they haven’t worked. Same with Minion from MidnightDBA.

What is working, wait for it, is the rebuild task in a standard Maintenance Plan.

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