Time for both

After last week’s ad-hoc use of IndexOptimize on problem db 1 and 2 it’s time for it to grow up and get a job. Or at least to be put in a job, this proc has been around long enough to be considered grown up.

I used the same query to see where my fragmentation is at. Between the 2 databases my query identified 367 indexes to work on. This took about an hour return. Looking at sys.sysindexes I now have over 1.6 million indexes between the 2 databases. Last week I was looking at around 700k. Here’s another thing to look at. Why are my indexes breeding like rabbits?


I’m looking forward to checking on this tomorrow morning and see how many indexes were worked on and how long it takes. I’m guessing it will identify around 370 indexes, a few more than my query, and take 2 – 3 hours. We’ll see.

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