Taking a break from writing about my indexes, the work is still on going, to talk about DevOps. It’s the hot topic and on the
keys of many tweets and blogs. It’s not new. I’ve been in DevOps since 2001 or so. My entire IT career has been in DevOps though I’ve never used that title. I was a developer (who also did SQL backups). I am a DBA (who also writes application code). It has been the reality of working in small shops. So far I haven’t felt the fear of being let go because DBA’s aren’t needed anymore. Though I did jump ship when I saw off-shoring of my job was in the near future.

If the push to DevOps is to speed up release times, I’ll take it with a grain of salt and wait to see how that works. If it ends up with better interaction between the two groups (DBAs/sysadmins and developers) then I’m all for it. If it is used to try to dump DBAs, I’m very skeptical of it’s success. If it’s the newest buzz word for work I’m already doing, I’ll keep working and expect to see someone endorse me for it on LinkedIn one of these days.

I like being DevOps, even when it isn’t called that. I do the development and the administration and in small shops I don’t see a problem with it. Maybe that’s my nature as I’ve made my career with the Microsoft product line, but I’m also getting involved with open source tools. I’ve seen many on both sides of that divide bash the other, similar to the old refrain
between DBAs and Developers so often chorused in the forums. Today is a perfect example. I’m neck deep in SSIS work and will be breaking off soon to work on the Index maintenance a bit more. This is what the business needs. Whether it’s called DevOps or just my job, that’s what I’ll be doing.

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