I was…

54 data samples later and I’m ready to admit I was wrong. I’ve been wrong about many, many things in my life, but we don’t need to get into all of them right now. I was wrong about the explosive index growth I though I saw the other day. I’ve been counting indexes and tables in problem database 1 and 2 for the last 54 hours and haven’t seen a single change. I’ll keep the script running for a while, but I’m pretty sure what I saw back on the bunny day wasn’t accurate. I don’t have a clue how I managed to misread my query results or what else might have happened, but it comes down to the simple statement, “I was wrong.”

That’s very close to another hard, but important statement, “I made a mistake.” When few people you work with don’t really understand your job it can be easy to hide or explain away your mistakes, but the right course of action is to use one of those phrases. There is the fear of looking the fool or even being fired when you make a mistake, but I’ve found that it instead builds a stronger sense of trust with your manager and coworkers when you admit your mistakes. They will be much more likely to believe you if they know you are truthful and not hiding anything. Or you can continue on the path of the secretive, no permissions granting, always saying no DBA.

Now back to indexes. Expanding the next round of the IndexOptimize job into two steps.

EXEC [IndexOptimize] @Databases = 'ProblemDB1, ProblemDB2', @PageCountLevel = 100, @LogToTable = 'Y'
EXEC [IndexOptimize] @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES -ProblemDB1, -ProblemDB2', @PageCountLevel = 10, @LogToTable = 'Y'

I’m also getting ready for my next round of, “I was wrong.” All signs point to Ola’s IndexOptimize script working for me.

And you can totally get fired for making a mistake.

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