Are you sure you are backing everything up?

backupYour databases are backed up with full, diff and t-log jobs using slick scripts from some of the several smart and helpful SQL superheros flying around the internet. They are also copied over to tape or other storage and stored offsite, ready for the next DR drill or real life disaster. Your computer (work or home, maybe that is the same thing) has automated backup software to keep all your cat pictures safe. You’re a pro, you’ve got this.

For all of us using #sqlnewblogger are we backing up our newest work? I’m hosted at WordPress and am relying on them to keep my data safe, available and recoverable. I’m not backing this site up and would be disappointed if it disappeared someday, though I’m probably the only one who would notice. There are several WorkPress plugins that handle backups, but I have not yet spent the time and energy to set those up. I do write all my posts outside of WP before I publish so I have a half-baked backup. It’s better than none at all, but not great. Kinda like unbaked cookie dough. It tates delicious, but might give you salmonella. Are you taking that risk? I am, with both the lack of backups and cookie dough eating.

This isn’t my only site. I have another site with a MySQL backend. I’ve put a lot of work into the data design, entry and maintenance, not so much work on the web design part yet. I do ad-hoc backups of the site and the database. Losing some of my SQL writings would be unfortunate. Losing my data on beer drinking would be horrific.

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